Northwest Pilgrims

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What is Northwest Pilgrims?

Northwest Pilgrims is an annual gathering of women who are interested in the intersection of women and Mormonism.  We come together from around the Pacific Northwest (and beyond), from all levels of orthodoxy, activity, and belief to share in a safe space.  NW Pilgrims is dedicated to learning, growing together, and giving each one of us a voice and a place to be heard.


What is included with registration?

1) All conference sessions and activities

2) Lodging for Friday and Saturday nights (unless you select 'No Lodging' or 'Saturday Only' packages)

3) Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday ('Saturday Only' includes lunch and dinner on Saturday).

What should I bring to the retreat?

1) Clothing and toiletries (the conference center will provide towels, soap, linens, and bedding). Dress for all sessions is comfortable casual. The Seabeck Center is surrounded by lovely grounds, so bring shoes and clothing that will allow you to enjoy them.

2) Be prepared to introduce yourself.

3) Your sense of humor, adventurous spirit, and love for all of your sisters. 


Who can attend?

-Any woman over the age of 18 and non-mobile, nursing babies

Refund Policy

-No refunds after registration closes on March 31 unless we have people on the waitlist willing to take your spot.  Registration is transferable if you find someone to take your slot, but the two of you are responsible for financial arrangements.

2017 Retreat - April 28-April 30

Our 2017 retreat was fantastic!  The retreat was held April 28-April 30, 2017, with the amazing Pulitzer-Prize winning historian, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich as our keynote speaker.   You can order her newest book, A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism 1835-1870 here .  

We are already planning for the 2018 retreat- check out our Facebook group for more details in the coming months.  Be on the lookout for the announcement of our keynote speakers soon.  Just search for Northwest Pilgrims on Facebook.  



NW Pilgrims 2017
  Week of: April 28        
    4/28 4/29     4/30
    Friday Saturday     Sunday
  8:00 AM
  8:30 AM
  9:00 AM
Small groups (topics - post-mormon experience, mixed-faith marriage, nurturing faith)
LDS Devotional
  9:30 AM
  10:00 AM
Keynote - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
  10:30 AM
  11:00 AM
  11:30 AM Free Time
  12:00 PM
  12:30 PM
  1:00 PM Breakout Session 1 (1:00-2:00) Checkout
  1:30 PM Option 1 Option 2    
  2:00 PM Breakout Session 2 (2:15-3:15)  
  2:30 PM
Option 1
Option 2
  3:00 PM  
  3:30 PM Breakout Session 3 (3:30-4:30)  
  4:00 PM Option 2 Option 2    
  4:30 PM
  5:00 PM  
  5:30 PM  
  6:00 PM
Optional Dinner (6pm sharp)
Check-in opens
  6:30 PM  
  7:00 PM
Free Time
  7:30 PM  
  8:00 PM
Introductions - What energizes you right now?
Circles of Empathy with Erika Munson
  8:30 PM  
  9:00 PM
S'Mores at the Campfire
  9:30 PM